Achieve Jordan Pickford’s Signature Hairstyle with Hairbond

Jordan Pickford, England’s number one goalkeeper, is not only known for his incredible saves on the pitch but also for his stylish and versatile haircut. If you’re a fan of Jordan Pickford’s hairstyle and are eager to replicate it, you’re in luck. Pickford is a supporter of the renowned haircare brand, Hairbond, and he has even shared his favorite product for achieving his signature look – the Hairbond Gripper. In this article, we’ll take you through the steps to achieve Jordan Pickford’s slicked-back hairstyle, just like the pros.

The Ever-Changing Look

Jordan Pickford’s hairstyle has seen several transformations over the years. From a number one buzz cut to a high skin fade and even a low skin fade with longer curtains, Pickford has experimented with various styles. However, today we’re going to focus on his slicked-back look.

Getting the Jordan Pickford Haircut

  1. Skin Fade: When you visit your barber, ask for a skin fade. This fade should be high up the sides of your head, gradually blending into about a number 3 before transitioning to scissor cutting to merge with the longer hair on top. Ensure you convey the need for some length on the top – at least a couple of inches. This length is essential as it will allow your hair to lie flat when product is applied, preventing it from sticking up and avoiding that undesirable spiky hair gel appearance.
  2. What You’ll Need: To achieve the Jordan Pickford look, you’ll require three key tools: a brush or comb, a hairdryer, and a couple of Hairbond products for the best results.
  3. Preparation with Hairbond Wonder Primer: After washing your freshly cut hair and while it’s still damp, apply a couple of squirts of Hairbond Wonder Primer into your hands. Then evenly distribute it through the longer hair using your brush. The Wonder Primer acts as a pre-styling product, offering protection to your hair while enhancing hold and other haircare benefits. It’s the foundation for your sleek style.
  4. Blow Dry for Shape: With your hair now protected from heat, use the hairdryer to blow-dry your hair. However, it’s important not to overdry your hair; it should remain slightly damp. The goal here is to shape your hair and straighten out your fringe, so keep your hair damp for the best results.
  5. The Gripper Pomade: To complete the look, reach for Hairbond’s Gripper Pomade. Take a small amount (a little goes a long way), coat your palms with it, and start applying it from the front to the back of your hair. As you apply the Gripper Pomade, you’ll notice your hair begins to look coated, signaling that it’s ready to be combed into shape.


Achieving Jordan Pickford’s slicked-back hairstyle is a simple yet stylish way to showcase your passion for both soccer and grooming. By following the steps outlined above and using Hairbond’s Wonder Primer and Gripper Pomade, you can replicate the signature look of England’s star goalkeeper. Whether you’re heading to a game or just want to feel as confident as Pickford does on the pitch, this hairstyle will undoubtedly help you stand out in the crowd.

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