“Advocating for Reform: An Open Letter to US Soccer

Dear US Soccer,

I write to you with sincere respect for the dedicated individuals who tirelessly contribute to the soccer industry, working towards the betterment of our beloved sport. It is crucial to emphasize that my intentions are rooted in constructive criticism rather than antagonism towards the USSF.

I firmly believe that the current state of the franchised industry and professional league standards in the United States warrants thorough reform. The USSF must undergo comprehensive restructuring to foster a more inclusive and progressive soccer landscape. While I harbor no personal grievances towards Don Garber, I do question the appropriateness of his position on the USSF board, given his significant involvement in MLS affairs. The practice of MLS owners, such as Arthur Blank, contributing financially to the USSF raises concerns regarding potential conflicts of interest and the perpetuation of the restrictive franchise model.

Feedback from sponsors highlights a perception of arrogance emanating from both US Soccer and MLS, fueled by their perceived market dominance. Such attitudes risk alienating valuable partners and hindering the organic growth of the game.

Furthermore, I advocate for the US Open Cup to mandate the participation of every club, including MLS teams, in the spirit of meritocracy and integrity. It is imperative that all clubs, regardless of league affiliation, have equal opportunities to compete on a level playing field.

The National Soccer League (NSL) remains committed to participating in the US Open Cup, provided that the current professional league structure undergoes necessary reforms. Our aim is to contribute positively to the American soccer landscape, prioritizing the interests of fans, players, and stakeholders.

My motivation stems from a genuine desire to elevate the industry and create a more enriching experience for all involved. I am committed to fostering collaboration rather than burning bridges. NSL is willing to work in tandem with the establishment and existing leagues, provided it serves the best interests of the game.

I urge US Soccer to embrace change and embark on a journey towards genuine reform. Together, we can build a soccer ecosystem that is greater, fairer, and more inclusive for everyone.



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