“Preserving Legacy: A Personal Reflection on NSL’s Trademark Application for the California Surf”

I am delighted to share a momentous announcement that resonates with the hearts of soccer fans across the nation. The National Soccer League (NSL), under my stewardship, is thrilled to welcome back the California Surf after an absence of more than four decades. This revival marks a significant chapter in American soccer history, rekindling the glory days of the Surf’s tenure in the North American Soccer League (NASL). In this blog post, I want to personally delve into the importance of our recent decision to apply for a federal trademark for the California Surf—a move that holds profound meaning for me and for the NSL.

Honoring Extraordinary Talents:

The California Surf, during its time in the NASL, boasted a roster of extraordinary talents. From defensive maestro Ray Evans to visionary soccer executive Bob Hermann, and from defensive powerhouse Carlos Alberto Torres to the versatile Al Trost, each player left an indelible mark on the team. Their legacy, enshrined in various soccer halls of fame, is a testament to the indomitable spirit and skill that defined the California Surf.

A Strategic Move to Preserve History:

Our recent decision to apply for a federal trademark for the California Surf is a strategic one, driven by a deep commitment to preserving and protecting the rich history and legacy associated with this iconic team. By securing the exclusive rights to the California Surf brand, we aim to pay homage to the extraordinary talents that once graced the pitch and to provide fans with an authentic connection to the team’s storied past.

The Personal Touch:

As the founder of the NSL, this initiative holds special significance for me. It’s not merely a legal maneuver; it’s a personal commitment to honoring the legacy of the California Surf and ensuring that its history remains a vibrant part of American soccer. The trademark application is a symbol of our dedication to authenticity, history, and the enduring spirit of the beautiful game.

A Celebration of Soccer History:

The return of the California Surf is not just a revival; it’s a celebration of soccer history. With this trademark application, we embark on a journey to bring back the Surf in a way that respects its legacy and captivates the imaginations of both new and seasoned fans. I invite you all to join us on this nostalgic and thrilling ride as we build upon the storied legacy of the California Surf in the vibrant landscape of American soccer.

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