Respecting Legacy: Chicago Sting’s Intellectual Property Concerns with Chicago Fire FC

Soccer reunions often stir deep-seated emotions, transporting us back through time and underscoring the rich heritage that each generation inherits. This sentiment was vividly displayed during a recent Major League Soccer match featuring Chicago Fire FC. The poignant images of original Chicago Sting members reuniting at the game were a poignant visual, bringing the past to the present.

Yet, as is often the case, every silver lining has its cloud. This joyous occasion was overshadowed by concerns related to the adherence to federal intellectual property standards and guidelines stipulated by the United States Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO). The sale of unofficial Chicago Sting merchandise by Chicago Fire FC raised eyebrows and concerns. Holding the federal rights to the Chicago Sting name, it would have been appropriate for us to have been part of the commemorative process. In fact, in a communication dated October 28th, 2022, Chicago Fire owner responded to my outreach stating, “Thank you for the note. But my focus is solely on the Fire in Chicago. I wish you all the best with the Sting! Best, Joe.”

However, obstacles often serve as catalysts for reflection and renewed commitment. As we gear up for the Chicago Sting’s anticipated re-entry into the National Soccer League™, our unwavering dedication to professionalism and full compliance with all regulations stands front and center. This commitment forms the bedrock of our leadership’s ethos and charts the course for the team’s future trajectory.

Given the circumstances, seeking legal advice is paramount, and consultations with our legal team are on the horizon. It’s vital to clarify that if we, as the rights holders, secure any legal compensation, these funds will be earmarked for the betterment of the local soccer community. In particular, the proceeds will be donated to a prominent soccer charity in Chicago.

Ultimately, soccer transcends mere on-field performances and business dealings. It’s a tapestry of community bonds, cherished legacies, and mutual respect. As we venture ahead, our aspiration is for a collaborative landscape where team histories, their enduring legacies, and intellectual rights are universally upheld and cherished.


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