“Reviving the Glory: Relaunching LA Aztecs in the Massive Market of Southern California”

As a true lover of football, I have always been passionate about finding new and exciting ways to bring the sport to a wider audience. That’s why I was thrilled to federally register the Los Angeles Aztecs, a club with an impressive history in the North American Soccer League (NASL), and relaunch it with the National Soccer League in Southern California.

The LA Aztecs were born out of a love of the game when Dr Jack Gregory, an avid football fan and real estate developer in Los Angeles, organised a few international exhibition games that turned out to be a massive success. Inspired by this, Gregory enquired about buying a franchise in the NASL, and the LA Aztecs were born. With the help of Albanian coach Alex Perolli, who was given full control of the team, the Aztecs quickly established themselves as one of the most exciting teams in the league, boasting a squad of 28 players representing over 10 nationalities.

The Aztecs’ home was the iconic LA Memorial Coliseum, and they played “total football”, a style of play that emphasised creativity, technique, and attacking flair. Some of the biggest names in football history graced the pitch for the Aztecs, including George Best, Johan Cruyff, Wim Suurbier, Thomas Rongen, and Tommy Smith.

In their first year, the Aztecs won the Western Division Trophy, including an eight-game winning streak, and pulled in crowds averaging over 15,000 per game. They were a team that captured the imagination of football fans across Southern California and beyond.

But the NASL eventually folded, and the LA Aztecs faded into obscurity. However, the appetite for football in Southern California never went away. In fact, it has only grown stronger. The region is now home to millions of football fans, and the LA Galaxy has become one of the most successful clubs in MLS history.

That’s why I saw an opportunity to bring the LA Aztecs back to life, tapping into the massive market in Los Angeles and Southern California for professional soccer. With the relaunch of the club in the National Soccer League, I hope to reignite the passion for the beautiful game that was once so strong in the region.

The LA Aztecs have a rich history and a loyal fanbase, and I’m excited to see what the future holds for this iconic club. As a lifelong football fan, I know the power of the sport to unite people and bring communities together. That’s why I’m committed to making the LA Aztecs a force to be reckoned with in the National Soccer League and beyond. With the support of fans across Southern California, I believe we can create something truly special. So let’s get out there and show the world what LA football is all about!

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