Revolutionizing and Expanding the Soccer Industry in the United States! 

I am thrilled to announce my involvement in our venture with Morgan Stanley that aims to revolutionize and expand investment in the soccer industry for the United States! Our mission is also to address the key issues that have limited the appeal and growth of soccer among the proud working class people.
One of the significant challenges we have identified is the niche nature of US soccer, which has restricted its reach and accessibility. The financial restrictions imposed by US soccer have created barriers that hinder the game’s growth, primarily benefiting a privileged few. The stringent financial requirements for ownership groups have effectively excluded fans from meaningful ownership and influence in elite soccer clubs. We believe it’s time to change this!
Furthermore, the lack of a clear pathway for lower league clubs to participate based on sporting merit has prevented them from being promoted to the elite level. This not only limits the opportunities for talented players but also stifles the competition and growth of the sport.
From the players’ perspective, the MLS salary cap restricts the quality of players joining the league. Moreover, the pay-to-play model for youth soccer can be exorbitant, creating a significant barrier for talented children from low-income families. We believe that every talented individual deserves a chance to shine and reach their full potential, regardless of their financial background.
Taking the fans’ point of view into account, we understand the immense interest in soccer in the US, with approximately 90 million fans. However, the current average attendance at MLS games falls short of this potential, and the high average ticket prices make it unaffordable for many families. We believe in creating an inclusive soccer culture that is accessible to all, where families can experience the excitement of the game without financial burdens.
The timing of our venture couldn’t be more perfect! With the upcoming 2026 World Cup, which will be held in the US, the mainstream media will undoubtedly promote it as a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity. This global event has the potential to generate greater engagement from the working class, who will be eager to participate and experience the excitement of soccer firsthand. Our mission is to make sure this is not just a peak of interest but an explosion of participation in professional soccer over the long term,
To address these challenges head-on, we are planning to launch a new league based on a tour model that utilizes NCAA stadiums during the off-season. This will allow us to create a dynamic and engaging soccer experience for fans across the country. We are thrilled to be in discussions with a high-profile partner, known for their expertise in the sports industry, to oversee these events and ensure an exceptional fan experience.
Additionally, we are launching technology developed by Pro Footballers where players can upload their footage online, providing them with a platform for national trials. This initiative aims to uncover hidden and dis-guarded talent and give aspiring players the opportunity to showcase their skills on a larger stage. Hopefully it could potentially open doors for them to join the NSL draft, where they can pursue their dreams of professional soccer with the NSL.
The recent enthusiasm surrounding Wrexham and the trend of celebrities becoming team owners highlight the immense potential in sports investments. Owning a sports team can not only be a source of pride but also offer tax benefits. I recently came across an interview with Robbie Williams where he expressed his desire to own a sports team. We believe that by addressing the challenges involved in participating, we can attract more passionate soccer fans like Robbie to contribute to the growth of soccer in the US.

This is just the beginning of an exciting journey, and we invite all soccer enthusiasts, investors, and stakeholders to join us in this groundbreaking venture. Together, we can revolutionize and expand the soccer industry in the United States, making it accessible, inclusive, and thriving for all.


Feel free to reach out to me if you share our vision and want to be a part of this transformative movement.


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  1. Scott, would love to exchange ideas with you. I’m based in Rio. Wrote a book available on Amazon, entitled The Football Manifesto and Club Handbook: Bringing the Beautiful Game to the People and Making the USA #1 in the World.

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