“The Legend Within: These Boots of 1966”

Amidst the challenges of the COVID era, I found solace in crafting a comic book for amusement around Stylo Matchmakers®. “These Boots,” set in England in 1966, unfolds in the working-class tapestry of a fictional suburb in Leeds, Yorkshire.

The narrative orbits around Arty Zee, a young man and Holocaust survivor who inherits a shoe factory from his late father, Ismail Zee. Fueled by a fervent desire, Arty yearns to realize his dream of creating football boots, becoming one of the pioneering shoe manufacturers to collaborate with the stars of the World Cup Finals held in England. However, his journey is marred by formidable obstacles, including organized crime and unscrupulous competitors following his father’s suspicious demise.

As Arty grapples with the intricacies of his new role, the plot unravels, revealing that things are not as they initially seem. Real battles ensue, testing Arty’s mettle as he endeavors to infuse legends into his footwear. The central question looms: Can Arty navigate the treacherous path while adhering to his righteous principles, or will the mounting pressure to retaliate compromise his dreams? The story unfolds, promising a gripping tale of resilience, morality, and the pursuit of a visionary passion.


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