“The Matchmaker Chronicles: Whispers of the Beautiful Game – Episode 3”

In the latest installment of “The Matchmaker Chronicles,” Scott Michaels invites listeners on a heartwarming journey into the origins of his deep-seated love for football. Transporting us back to his 8-year-old self at Morecambe FC, the episode unfolds the enchanting day spent at the historic Christie Park.

#From encountering football legends John Coleman and Ian Cain to delving into early football fascinations, the narrative explores the profound social impact of the sport. Scott shares poignant memories from the Italia ’90 World Cup, where his sticker book evolved into a treasured companion. As the episode concludes, Scott extends an invitation for listeners to share their own football tales, setting the stage for the upcoming Episode 4: “From Goals to Business Goals.” Make sure to subscribe, rate, and review as we continue celebrating the beautiful game.

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