“US Soccer Succumbs to MLS Influence, Whittling Open Cup Participation Down to a Mere 8 MLS Teams”

In the realm of American soccer, the US Open Cup is purportedly a bastion of genuine competition, extolled for providing a platform for smaller clubs and nurturing player development. Behind the scenes, a covert and corrosive takeover is unfolding within the United States Soccer Federation (USSF), spearheaded by one of its own members. This underhanded machination, dismissed and downplayed since 1995, is now gaining traction, spelling out a disconcerting demise for American soccer.

In a contentious maneuver, the USSF is lambasted for an overt bias towards MLS interests, a move that some view as a blatant disregard for nurturing grassroots soccer. This decision triggers a fiery debate, casting serious doubt on the federation’s commitment to fostering genuine growth and development within the sport.

The turning point arrives with Atlanta’s $50 million donation, solidifying a deal that unequivocally cements the influence of Major League Soccer (MLS) within the USSF. The Hall of Fame’s location on MLS-owned land, the overwhelming presence of figures like Garber on the board and committees, and the sprawling network of conflicts of interest within the federation raise damning questions about the independence and impartiality of decision-making.

The integrity of the voting system is shredded, with accusations of rigging echoing through the USSF corridors. The United States Olympic Committee’s (USOC) meddling, legal battles involving the North American Soccer League (NASL) and anti-trust issues, the ongoing tumult over Division 1 sanctioning, and the suspect Professional League Standards (PLS) all contribute to an atmosphere of profound skepticism and distrust.

In this high-stakes game, the final whistle is not just signaling the end of matches but heralding the death knell for the integrity of US soccer. The sport’s landscape isn’t progressing; it’s being manipulated, and the unholy alliance between USSF and MLS demands a ruthless examination. The future of American soccer hangs in the balance, and as the dust settles, one can’t escape the grim suspicion that the beautiful game is being sacrificed on the altar of insidious vested interests and power plays.

Last year, my outreach to the US Soccer Federation revealed a disheartening truth – the path for our inaugural National Soccer League clubs to participate in the US Open Cup was obstructed by the federation’s stringent pro league standards. These standards, supposedly erected to uphold the sport’s quality, paradoxically emerge as a formidable obstacle, hindering growth and stifling investment.

The compromise brokered between U.S. Soccer and MLS to salvage the 2024 Open Cup has not assuaged concerns; rather, it has laid bare the blatant erosion of the tournament’s integrity and the overbearing influence wielded by a league with unchecked power. The shifting power dynamics within American soccer, marked by financial manipulations and dependencies, have thrust U.S. Soccer into a precarious balancing act – a compromising dance between enforcing purported standards and preserving relationships of convenience. As the future of the U.S. Open Cup teeters on uncertainty beyond 2024.

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