Women’s football set for huge increase in viewing figures globally

WSL broadcast deal will enable more people to watch games

With a new £8m-per-season deal for the broadcast rights to the Women’s Super League, which will involve women’s top-flight matches being aired on BBC One and BBC Two and across the main Sky Sports channels.

The new broadcast deal is providing routine coverage and British audiences – male, female, football, non-football, whatever – will just come to expect that the sport is there and that it is now part of our sporting cultural landscape. The huge exposure games will get as a result of the new broadcast rights deal in which league games move from the BBC Sport red button and fringe channels and BT Sports on the BBC’s main free-to-air channels as well as on Sky Sports.

Red button coverage is largely inconsequential I would argue, because you have to seek it out. That’s the same for social media coverage, you have to already be in it to see it. That’s not good enough for women’s football, it needs to be routine and it needs to be invested in. I get frustrated when people say there is no audience for women’s football, that is because it’s not been invested in, it’s not been built. The English Premier League has obviously had significant investment over decades, it didn’t just exist. It was built and built and invested in and women’s football needs that time.


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